Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

I have never been a dog person. Both times that  my dad got rid of our dogs, Sambo and Jackson, I was sad, but the next day I never really cared. Clayt loves dogs. He still remembers how sad he was when his dad got rid of his dogs as a kid. But, he likes big dogs. The only dog I ever really LOVED is Rudy, Amber's dog. Then the girls came along... 
Clayt researches dogs. He knows which dogs are good with kids, don't shed and have generally good health. I did promise him a dog one day, but the kind of dog he wants does not fit into our lifestyle currently. Guess what kind of dog does... A yorkie. He tells me how they don't shed, are great in apartments and so on and so forth. He didn't have to tell me, I have loved Rudy since the day Matt proposed, and he is a great dog. 
A month a go, Clayt tells me this lady has some puppies he wants to look at. I am like, uh, no. But he made the appointment and I went with. I fell in love with a fluffy, 25 ounce critter. How do you say no to a yorkie puppy? I will tell you, they are expensive. So we tell her no the next day. But she likes us, and wants us to have one of her dogs. So I say.. offer her half, and Clayt does and she accepts. So now what is my argument?
I am still not a dog person, but I am in LOVE with him...

 My dog is so small, and you can't tell how small in pics. He fits in Clayt's hat, proof of his 1.8 pounds of adorable.

His name is Cooper. He has soft, fluffy hair. He is getting used to the potty pad and loves to play. He also loves to cuddle, so we get along great. He is my little cuddle muffin, and sleeps with me every night. Welcome to the family Coop.


  1. I want to eat him for dinner!! He is soo cute! You going to bring him down for the wedding??

  2. i guess i can't quite wrap my head around a few things here... 1. you have a dog..!? 2. he's that small?!? and finally 3. HE'S THAT CUTE??? bring him on down. please

  3. i literally LOLed at the title of your post. I used to love that show! and he is so stinkin cute! now that you've got a dog, its time to pop out a baby. thank you.

  4. ha ha, it's so sad that our dad carelessly gave puppies away. that's sort of damaging. and it looks like clayton is about to put coopie in a headlock in like 3 out of 5 pics here. be careful.

  5. Dont drop him. It happens and its really sad. He is real nice, real nice. Can't wait to meet my new nephew. I wanted a child but i guess he will do...for now.