Saturday, September 10, 2011

First things First

So, I did a lot of cool things this summer. Including an amazing trip to California, that I have yet to blog about partly because I am lazy, and also busy. But... I did spend some quality time with my favorite ladies this weekend. And who are we kidding, people would much rather see them than me, so I know I need to put this up first... just giving the people what they really want. Eat your heart out blogger world.

the beaver


my absolute favorite. I am getting it framed


Artsy right?

We went on a walk, and Dylan insisted in putting every kind of plant and flower she could find in her hair... this is what we had at the time

doesn't it look like she is mother earth being like, "everyone is welcome-this land is your land, this land is my land"?

Girl after my own heart. Take down that pizza mo mo

ooooh you want some cake?

Ashton, Jon and the doll came up to play. Angel baby

she wanted to give the puppy kisses, or eat him. I am not sure


  1. seriously, some of the cutest yet. I love love this post. We totes need another baby around. Gosh darnit. Maybe you should join the bandwagon and become a "photographer" cuz you always get the best pics. Love you sister. ps rae, you are nast.

  2. holy crap. cute children everywhere. i like the one where dylan is posing and monie is bending down. also, the one where dylan is dressed like a princess--she looks super nervous. these are so cute! i love the girl in the red shirt with the bunny ears on. she is adorable.