Monday, November 21, 2011


Okay, that was a month ago... since then, I have done Halloween, decorated for Christmas, finished student teaching!!! and taken a few cuties of my little cuties. I have quite a few pics, so I will just throw them out there- and consider myself updated.

 I was a turtle for Halloween, my 7th graders loved it. However, I was NOT a teenage mutant ninja turtle. No weapons allowed on school grounds. But, if I was going to be a TMNT, I would be Michelangelo- the orange one with nun chucks.
 WE had 11-11-11. A really cool day, and good thing I have a really cool shirt to go with it.
I live in Idaho, and these are real Idaho potatoes. We are good at two things- snow and taters.
 people of
my angel boy.
I went to my girl JayCee's wedding. Photos are already on the fb. But this one is one of my faves
I got to see these angel girls...

My husband also looked super fly at the wedding...

I have a really cute puppy. WE took him to the park one day, and let me explain to you the weather in Rexburg. Friday it is fall, beautiful leaves everywhere, chilly, but you can be outside. Then Saturday (the next day) it is a blizzard. This series of events happened a couple weekends ago, so I am fully ready for Christmas.

 Let me just tell you... Anyone/anything Clayt will run for, he must LOVE.

 the ears. I can't handle how cute

Christmas time in the Tuttle home

 he is a dreamer, ponderer, explorer. I love when he looks out the window.

oh and good news- Cooper is great with babies

 always nap buddies.

I bought a book about Thanksgiving to read to my 7th graders. Clayt read it to Coop and he really liked it. You can see here.