Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

As I creep closer to graduation, I am getting pretty stressed out. Like, what the freak do I do next? Also, I have a pretty intense homework load and find myself stressed out to the max most days. And tired. Sometimes pretty grumpy. But there are some quick fixes for me. treats and a fresh fizzy diet coke will ALWAYS make me feel better. These things make me happy too.

Clayt is seriously such a sweetheart. He lets me be a total grump and supports my addictive habits (running to the gas station at any hour of day for some candy and a DC)

My friends make me really happy. These are my closest friends. My girl Amy, and my BG's(minus Whitnee)

I LOVE PIZZA. it really does make me happy. I love to experiment with it and eat it and find new delicious places. Happiness.

These angel babies bring more joy to my life... than I don't even know what. I miss them every day.

Double happy: My seesers. and the beach. Hawaii even more. Hawaii is bliss. Straight up. This is a pic from MAUI, best family vacation of my life. Sorry you are super prego in this pic Amber (Its dylie in there)

I love food, as mentioned before. I love cheesy and spicy mexican (this is red iguana in SLC.. go there) and a McDonalds breakfast will turn any crappy morning into a decent day. Its just that good, and the diet coke is the best, better than any other joint.

And the most instant way to cheer me up: a DC and a candy. Works every time.