Wednesday, May 4, 2011

If you're happy and you know it clap your hands

As I creep closer to graduation, I am getting pretty stressed out. Like, what the freak do I do next? Also, I have a pretty intense homework load and find myself stressed out to the max most days. And tired. Sometimes pretty grumpy. But there are some quick fixes for me. treats and a fresh fizzy diet coke will ALWAYS make me feel better. These things make me happy too.

Clayt is seriously such a sweetheart. He lets me be a total grump and supports my addictive habits (running to the gas station at any hour of day for some candy and a DC)

My friends make me really happy. These are my closest friends. My girl Amy, and my BG's(minus Whitnee)

I LOVE PIZZA. it really does make me happy. I love to experiment with it and eat it and find new delicious places. Happiness.

These angel babies bring more joy to my life... than I don't even know what. I miss them every day.

Double happy: My seesers. and the beach. Hawaii even more. Hawaii is bliss. Straight up. This is a pic from MAUI, best family vacation of my life. Sorry you are super prego in this pic Amber (Its dylie in there)

I love food, as mentioned before. I love cheesy and spicy mexican (this is red iguana in SLC.. go there) and a McDonalds breakfast will turn any crappy morning into a decent day. Its just that good, and the diet coke is the best, better than any other joint.

And the most instant way to cheer me up: a DC and a candy. Works every time.


  1. ok, so i really love this post, mostly because of the small children by the spa and the array of food items. really, what is better than these things? my idea of heaven is myself and my seesers, dylan and monie(and maybe mom--depends on the day, right?), and some food, dc on tap, sitting on a cloud with a huge computer that lets me shop for free all day.

  2. ps-- i look more pregnant than amber in that hawaii pic. why on god's green earth would you do that to me?

  3. not to crowd up the comments section or anything, but i had one more thought this morning. what about diet dr. pepper? sometimes it hits the spot a little more than diet coke, and it pains me to admit that. but it just does. and it tastes like vanilla ice cream, so who can deny that?

  4. TWO BLOG POSTS IN LESS THAN 5 YEARS?! Whaaaat! Very impressive J.T. Loved the photos. Red Iguana happens in June (fam reunion). Down?

  5. You finally blogged!! Gurl I love all those things and love you. Can't wait to see you next weekend. Londy has been asking about you all day err day.

  6. You are so rude. Why would you do this to me?

  7. Food is for def, way GOOD. There's a awesome website that I always love to cook around with. Very versatile recipes. It's called -- you just might like it. :)