Friday, June 17, 2011

Big Boi

Clayt reached his goal of 200, actually he is 201 pounds. Seems simple because most people pack on the pounds with no problem once they get married, but he has worked REALLY hard to bulk himself up. I am really proud of him for sticking to his guns (like big guns... muscles... get it?) and reaching his goal. He works out really hard and drinks shakes that make him gag, so tip of the hat to you tuttle. You are a big boy


  1. Congrats again Clayt.

    I have to tell ya still trips me up to see the "new you"! I think the only way I could accurately portray what I experience when I see pics of you now is through the help of christian bale and the following analogy:

    Old-Clayt is to Trevor Reznik what New-Clayt is to Bruce Wayne (Dark Knight)

    (go here if you don't quite follow:

    His transformation was a tad more dramatic, but just look at the pics on the blog to the right (let alone those of you in your teens)! I'm not far off my mark, right? (Remember when you could suck in and mom could put her hands around your waist and connect her fingers??? ...that wasn't THAT long ago!)

    If ever you decide to shoot for 250lbs, let me know, I'd be more that willing to share my strategies.

    (Sorry my comment is longer than your post)

  2. clay- we're so proud! you probably worked harder than anyone i know to reach your goal- mustache & all! ahhahahahah!