Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just another day

So I had a great day today. And tomorrow is going to be even better. Maybe I will post about it sometime in the next month. So in chronological order, this is the deal...
This angel baby and her parents came up to Rex this weekend. I didn't get any photos with Ash or Jon, but they stayed at our house so I got to hold her all day and night. It was splendid.

Rexburg SunRISE. yes, the rise... I know what time it starts up.

We were in the wild and crazy burg for the 4th, and spent the weekend with my favorite rexburg residents: Grizzy. We got the ultimate American meal to celebrate her Bday:

And went here: YELLOSTONE!

If you have never been to Yellowstone, its cool, it was my first time. But seriously, nature rocks. SO freaking pretty. Liz and Grady are standing in front of Old Faithful!! they are really that short, and the geyser is that tall.

Then, I went to Vegas over memorial day. My crazy babies were there too. I love these buggas. Londy was also blessed this weekend, so it was puuurrrrrfect timing.

I am really excited for these girls to come up tomorrow and play with me: (and for the rest of the fam too)

OH, and Idaho Falls got a buffalo wild wings. BOOYAH

see you laaatttterrrr gator


  1. Jen you are so pretty! Sounds like you are having a ton of fun.

  2. those girls are so g.d.m.f'n. cute. the sunrise shot is beautiful...yet nauseous. When was yellow stone!? So fun. Oh and I've been meaning to tell you, thanks for the nod over memorial day weekend. Laaaaaame. Go graduate. Post soon thereafter. thanks.