Thursday, October 6, 2011

Viewer Beware...

Just a warning, there are some really cute photos. However, there are some equally hideous photos. If you have a heart condition, or are easily scared, stop now.
 She looks pretty messed up, she had a good fall and was eating dirt I think.

 how Monie likes to hold Cooper

 you know how we do

 just taking a stroll.
this is how Coop likes to sleep in the car.

Okay, now the hideous.


  1. the best one is the fifth from the bottom of just you and me on the porch. your face looks so calmly ignorant and retarded. like literally. i love these so much even though they are scary. it was a nice weekend except i went to get the last blue raz popcicle and it was gone. wonder where it went.

  2. I love all the pics. Especially you pretty noses. Can't wait to see you!