Sunday, April 8, 2012


First off: My husband finished his second to last semester Friday, which means ONLY ONE SEMESTER TO GO. Shout out to my big boy, he takes so many credits and kills it. ONLY ONE SEMESTER, I am already clicking my shiny red slippers, "there is no place like home."

Secondly: We have literally watched all our friends move away from Rexburg, with the exception of the Bergquists- who are moving Tuesday, and we will watch them drive away forever. Good thing we are getting there. So there are a few pics from kickin it with them. 

My husband turned 25. Didn't post him a birthday shout out. So rude, but I got a couple pics of it.

So then I went to SLC for a girls weekend with my seeeesters and my baby gurl Ashton and Londy came too. We shopped til we dropped. There are some pics from then too. So here is an overload- but don't act like you hate it. We all love pics to creep on.

 don't kill me girl- its a GOOD pic

good weekend... tired us all out.
'Til we meet again- keep it classy.


  1. I love when you blog. it more. Your nieces are ridiculously good looking and Clayt looks exactly like he's my age...minus 15 months. Almoooooooost jt, almost.

  2. I wanna throw up every time I see that marshmallow pic. So many cute babies/kids on this blog I can't handle it

  3. Could your nieces be any cuter? I think we all know the answer to that one. Oh, and my little Coop is growing up so fast! Keep on keepin' on JT, Vegas is but a few short months away. :)

  4. Get home now!!!!!!! I miss you. Seriously. I loved all the pics and I am a total creeper sometimes.