Wednesday, December 7, 2011


My little brother is 21 today. I can't believe it. Trevor was the cutest little boy, I always forget because we were both young and I didn't know, but when I look at photos... Kid was freaking cute! Look:

When we were kids, we were buds. But sometimes I was really mean to him. It was messed up. One time, we were playing poker and I talked him into betting his new gameboy mini. Well, I won it and then later sold it to my cousin Tyler. That was freaking rude. And the worst part, neither of us knew how to play poker, I convinced him that I won. He could have had a better hand and neither of us would have known. Sorry Trev, I actually feel really bad about that one.

Trev is one of the sweetest boys. He has an amazing heart. My favorite thing about my one and only brother is that he is not judgmental. He constantly reminds me that people are generally good. If I'm like, " dude those people are disgusting" he would be like, " I don't know, they are good people." He wouldn't care if you showed up to Big 5 in the most disgusting cut offs and stunk, he would still treat you like a million bucks. I love that about him, but its hard to get really good gossip from him.
In other news- its also this cute boys 24th birthday:
I know he is messed up now. But he was so cute back then. I loved this album. When I was 13 and he was 14, he was my boyfriend.
And the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. 70 years ago today.
Big day.


  1. ha ha! it's true, it's very hard to get some good information out of trevor. you have to be sly and maybe something will emerge. i can't see all of the pictures. every other one is blank.

  2. actually, i can see them all now. and i love the photo of all of us by the tree. pretty stylin'.

  3. ok so first off, i love this post. its fantastic. the pics are to die for. second, jen, you are a real jerk. i dont ever want to hear you say i was mean to you. i never sold any of your belongings. third, the socks with sandals is so hilarious. i bet mom would say "that was in style then!" hahaha. love you guys.

  4. oh, and of course, happy birthday brother.

  5. hahahaha you are killing me with this post. trev was so cutie. i love the pic with you very seriously writing something and the fresca. i love fresca.