Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanks for Birthdays

I had a great Thanksgiving break. We went to SLC, ate with Clayt's family, and Rae and I did some damage from 10pm to 6am on black friday. It was awesome My little gem Monie also turned two. I know I am not her mom, so its weird to say this, but dang time flies... She went from this:
 and this:
 (Christmas 2009)

to this big girl:
in what seemed like a blink of an eye. We had a mini-celebration while we saw her before she and Dylie went to Logan. Here are some pics:

Then we had my bday. WE did the classic: Chili's. Every one of my birthdays that Clayt and I have spent together have been at Chilis... its my spot.

Good day. Preciate all the love. 

Oh- and Clayt's brother Bill got home today. Better gear up boy, cause we will be home in EXACTLY 2 WEEKS!!! BOOOyah
I love the HOlidays


  1. the pictures of monie could not be any cuter. seriously. your camera takes nice pictures. unfortunately, not nice enough to keep me from looking like a drunk fool.

  2. you're really pretty. clayt's teeth look good. cooper and your niece are too photogenic. thank you for not taking a million years to post again. trend? please bless.

  3. YOU NEED TO HAVE A CHILD. that's all.

  4. cute. love em, love em all. especially the one of rae rae.