Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year

So this year is going to be BIG. some goals this year:

Finish student teaching, pass Praxis tests and become certified teacher(J)

Weigh 200 pounds (C &J)

Finish all college math(C)

Read a book for leisure(C)

Run a marathon(for realllzzz, J)

Go on a Cali vacation

Make it to the temple EVERY month

Perfect my pizza(J)

Buy TV that doesn't take up the living room

Some things we are really looking forward to this year:
Jen finishing college, Clayt's brother Bill coming home in December, Ash's baby Londyn in April, and our 2nd anniversary

some things everyone does and maybe I should do but won't:
Eat better and stop drinking so much soda, its not worth it people... trust me

Happy New Year


  1. it's not worth it, you're right. i tried to be off food/soda for a solid 8 hours or so...hardest hours of my life so far. i literally could not function. some may say that this is a problem, an addiction, if you will. i do not. i say it's a sign that i really know how to live a full and satisfying life, despite the mixed and unrealistic messages delivered to us on a daily basis by the media, diet pamphlets, etc.

  2. I will never give up my DC. Stay strong gurl. And londy needs to depart from my womb soon! She appreciates the shout out you gave to her. I read her this post last night and she started kicking like no ones biz when she heard her name.

  3. Diet Coke 4 lyfe! Looks like 2011 is going to be a big year for you. I love my BG.