Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Finished up another semester...woohoo! clayt grew a stache to help him reach his goal weight of 185 and he did it, I was really proud of him. He shaved the mustache when he reached 185 and looks great, but is it creepy that I kind of liked the mustache?so then we took the trek to Vegas and I could not have been more excited. We needed to get home, and definitely needed to bond with some of our favorite people. Our friend Kenzi got married, she looked gorgeous... and we got to eat everywhere on my list of musts. Tuttles took really good care of us on Christmas Eve, we made pizzas and gingerbread houses. IT ROCKED. we spent Christmas with my family and got some great presents as well. My favorite gift this year?:
DAN MARINO JERSEY! I have asked for this jersey from age 5-9 probably, never got one for Christmas. My angel boy got me one and I was beyond excited. This Christmas was the best one yet! Sad to be back in Rex, but happy to be almost done with school. Hope you had a great Holiday Season.

our little Christmas tree, I am not taking it down until January, I love it.
Amy and my mom watching Selena, so serious.
and now we are back to the snow....

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  1. One word: Finally! I'll get on mine eventually. So fun to hang out with you guys (I'm not even lying to make you feel good about yourselves!) and...you're currently holding "rock star" status with me for that bit you said to CJ. Amazing...still laughing.