Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Halfway to HELL

I thought a lot about something to title this. I think it is appropriate.
I ran a half marathon with my sisters last weekend in St. George. I didn't really train as well as I should have because of the fab vacation we took, and I just started my new job. (I do PSR, google it). So I was a little more than nervous, had all the physical symptoms of it too. But I did it, and thank the sweet shimmering heavens that my sisters were there to cheer me on. Amber ran it right next to me, and talked to me the whole time. Just a nice stroll through the rain...(oh yeah, it was raining the WHOLE time) and I got to stare at Rachel's cute legs and the bottom of her pink shoes for a couple miles, then she was gone. You go girl. This is what I felt like when I finished:

I was hungry. At like mile 9 I remember thinking, I hope they have some good stuff at the finish line. I think I even asked Amber what we were having for dinner. So when I saw Texas Roadhouse rolls, I was STOKED.

The day before the race we took the girls to one of the trampoline gyms- like a warehouse with trampolines everywhere. so fun:

 It was a great trip. I might do it again. Thanks seeesers for running with me, or making me run... whichever.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happiest time of the year

Vacation to Las Vegas.
2 families.
A LOT of pictures
take a deep breath and here we GO: