Sunday, October 16, 2011

So I creep yeahhh.

So, I creep on some blogs. Mostly people I know, but... I do have a few people that I am a full on CREEP on, because I don't even know them. I have to get on my friends list, to another list to find them. Full on creepy. And let me just tell you, it bugs me so freaking bad when they don't update often! If you have a cute baby (hello amber, ashton and whitnee) you have an obligation to the world to post adorable pictures. Every stranger I blog stalk has a baby. It makes things more interesting. So I guess why I am blogging now is because I am hoping that good karma will float around and my frequently visited blogs will be updated. Also, want to just publicly tell the world how excited I am to go to Vegas this weekend, even if its only for 2.5 days.
Peace and blessings-

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Viewer Beware...

Just a warning, there are some really cute photos. However, there are some equally hideous photos. If you have a heart condition, or are easily scared, stop now.
 She looks pretty messed up, she had a good fall and was eating dirt I think.

 how Monie likes to hold Cooper

 you know how we do

 just taking a stroll.
this is how Coop likes to sleep in the car.

Okay, now the hideous.