Sunday, May 16, 2010

Real rough week saved by a picnic

This week was super harsh. School is really starting to get us down. I had 2 exams, 3 papers, a presentation and a group project. All in one week, it was BUSY and made me feel a little like this:

and this...
But it was saved by an awesome weekend. Clayt and I just relaxed! and the best part was our mid-afternoon picnic at the park. We were there for 3 and a half hours loving the beautiful weather.

Now its time to start back up on the homework train.


  1. those pics are funny as crap. love dee dee and monie so much! come over this weekend, they will be at my house.

  2. homework sucks balls. love you gurl. you be lookin all cutie in your tank. come to SLC NOW!

  3. Dude. My kids aint bad. Love you.

  4. Ewwwa I hate homework. Pinics are fun though. Move home. Bye.

  5. girl i know what your saying..this homework these days is killer.