Monday, February 8, 2010


I was able to go to St George this weekend for Monie's blessing and Dylan's birthday party. Clayt got a new job(just as exciting news, he does the early morning janitorial at school) so he wasn't able to go. It was great to be with the whole family (except Clayt), and to just hang with my two favorite girls:

We had Dylan's party at Pizza Factory and she did it with her cousin Sophie, they are only a week apart, and they both looked so cute!

the girl knows how to put on a show. Amber made her cute tutu.
Dylan and Sophie

Then Sunday we had the blessing, some more cute pics from the trip:


  1. Monie looks phenomenal!

  2. Cute hair AND shirt (pink) Jen!

  3. This is the Penrose Fam!! We need to see you guys sometime! We are going on a trip and passing through. Maybe we could meet up for lunch or something. Call us and we will make a plan! ; )

  4. I love that shirt. You look bomb. I hope to see you VERY soon!