Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Baby, Favorite Lady, Thanksgiving and the BIG 21

simone elle fackrell

giving her sister kisses
me and my favorite children on earth
Dylan and her new sister
matt and amber bought Dylie this play house that she wanted Rae and I to get in "hish you"(with you)

cutest ever? probably
some things never change. love my girl
a cute jacket sporting the school
my husband knows what i love.... jelly bellies rock

me blowing out the cake... with our crazy girl from Intervention in the backround

so we hung out in Vegas for a couple days before heading up to St. George for Thanksgiving and New Baby Simone Elle. Then had my BDAY celebration in the REX. thanks to the friends and family BDAY wishes.


  1. I love the new update. Youz be looking bomb in that pic with you and the babes. You love Jelly Bellies and I love you!

  2. I apologize for not wishing you birthday wishes from afar...but I was thinking about you on your bday! Hope you had a great day girl! Now you can officially go to achafalaya with ambers and I when you are in provo:)Hahhaha ask ambers about that...it is CRAZY:)