Tuesday, October 27, 2009

communications class

so we were assigned the talk by David A. Bednar, "And None Shall Offend Them", I am sure everyone has read it, heard it, or heard someone talking about it. I think the same thing now that I did when I heard it. I am not sure I would ever be one to be so offended by one person that I won't return to church again, but I know people that have, so I am just going to make sure I am never the one who offends. It must be a pretty harsh feeling to know that you made someone so upset that they never want to return to church. I know a lot of times as members we say things that may seem funny to us, or talk about how bad it is to do certain things, but on these subjects we should probably keep our mouths shut because you never know when there will be an investigator or new convert and it makes us seem like our beliefs and way of life are so much better. Its not, and it can really offend other people.....
Just some thoughts on that

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